Sunday, June 14, 2015

Found Treasures

A small selection
of Found Treasures
I was cleaning the other day. Shocking I know. It’s so much easier to blind myself to the clutter, but there I was going through my archeological dig-the papers get older the farther down in the pile. It was strangely productive.
While going through a cabinet and throwing out random stuff that I kept for no reason that I can fathom at this time, I found actually important pieces of writing that I thought I had lost many computer crashes ago- along the vast expanse of time. Treasure-I found treasures! These printed documents were like ten years old. I read them with new eyes. Some of them were surprisingly okay. I could see where I was going. I liked the plots and themes. Sometimes we need a little distance from our creative projects to truly see them. I remember thinking that I suck, but I kept at it. A lesson I should keep for myself today. Keep moving forward even if they are minute baby steps.
An Outline for
Planning Journal

I am now rejuvenated, and as I pick a written treasure to work on, I am inspired by my younger self. She was living in a home of young boys and she wrote the beginnings of novels. She was sending out articles to magazines. She actually was paid for the publication of some of them.-all this in the mind-numbing chaos of homeschooling boys aged from 7 to 12. So my telling myself I don’t have time to be creative or write or sculpt is just an excuse that I make up to tell myself. An excuse I use to allow the day to day to impact me. I allow my time to be swallowed by the daily grind. I have chosen to be passive. No more! I will take the baby steps-a new one each and every day.

Werewolf Novel
I joined a second writers’ group. My first group is a support group for our creativity. It grew out of an Artist Way workshop. We have been together for ten years, but I haven’t finished anything. We get together once a month and make creative commitments which sometimes we complete and sometimes we don’t. It’s all about unconditional support. Now, my new group is all about getting it done. We also meet once a month, but the difference here is that we meet to work. If nothing else-once a month you will sit at the computer and work for three hours on the writing of your choice. A working group with no excuses is just what I need right now. My goal is to finish something…okay not specific, but I do have word count goals for each month. I am showing up to the page.
Map for Fantasy Novel

You see the found treasures were not just the documents, but a look back on the motivated woman that I used to be and a drive to find her again.