Sunday, May 18, 2014

Eclectic Artist

I’m easily bored. Therefore, I work in a variety of media. I just can’t stay with the same thing. Part of it is that in order to create in ceramics, I have to go to the studio at the Irvine Fine Arts Center. I don’t own a kiln-nor do I have the space for one in my apartment patio. (I’m sure the landlord would just love it if I put in a non-standard electrical outlet to accommodate the kiln-Not!) Sooo I knit, draw, paint, write. I’m random that way.

Tree Spirit
Ceramics is where my heart is. When I work in the clay, everything else vanishes. I am truly living in the moment. It’s like a meditation. There is nothing, but the creative process. All the noise in the studio fades away. Most days I only notice that it’s closing time because the noise level has changed so I look up and return to reality. Oh my-is that the time? It is the best feeling ever.
Self Portrait: Pen and Ink

Drawing and painting can also get me to the place of stillness. It’s just harder because I usually work from a photograph or physical object. I am creating, but there is a real reference point. At this point in my journey, I don’t get to the vanishing point with my drawing. I have on foot in this world and haven’t vanished into the creativity. Still it is wonderful and freeing. I feel the beauty of the creative process. A blank page suddenly becomes an impression of what I see. Beauty comes from the void.

Books for Kindle
Writing is creation from nothing as well. I work on my novel-slow, slowly goes the draft. In the blank places, I work on my annotated classics. I feel that many students are missing out on reading. I hope to provide annotated books so that they can understand them within the same book. No need to get cliff notes or spark notes. Just read and enjoy. All the stories are the same-time and vocabulary changes and makes it harder to understand.

Knitting I do that because I just can’t keep still. Watching TV is a time waster. I have to be doing something productive so I knit. My hands are busy creating something from nothing. I’m not being lazy which is very important to me. Family values instilled at my father’s knee. Make something with your hands.
Favorite Sweater

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Knitting: St John's Wort Scarf

I have been working a full time job teaching high school. I’ve been away from my artistic self for too long. The long hours at work don’t leave much energy for creative thoughts. I’ve been slowly loosing myself. I spend a few hours a week working on a scarf or two, but it’s such a small amount of time. I am grateful for the time I get, but I’ve been feeling frustrated.

Small blessings happen all the time. I injured my foot and got put on medical leave. Now I have time for knitting.

I started this scarf some time ago, but here I am watching TV with my foot elevated per doctor’s orders. Keep off the foot. I may see a scarf finished by the end of the two weeks. I love this pattern. It was part of a sweater that I made years ago. It was the pattern on the collar and sleeves.

I must remember this lesson and make time for my art each week. I will remember that I need to feed my soul by creating art out of nothing. The ball of yarn becomes a thing of beauty. The simple string becomes something warm and cozy. Clothing is necessary, but the creation of beauty is for the soul.

Find what feeds you and remember to make time for yourself. You need to recharge. You cannot get water from a dry well.