Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Choices Make Us

Every choice along the path of our life leads us down our path. Sometimes I stop and think about the choices I have made and where they have led me. Now, don’t get me wrong-my life is pretty good. I’m just thinking about my younger days and the choices that I made in High School and College. Oh it may have a thing or two to do with my son being a freshman in college and going through some life choices.

“Mom, should I get the sedan or the V6?”

Flashback to my first car choice: baby blue Karmann Ghia convertible vs a brown Toyota corolla 4-door. So which one do you think the practical younger me choose. Yep, brown corolla. I choose and my choice continued me on my practical responsible track. I’m not saying that the convertible would have changed me into a summer loving beach bunny, but I think I might have had a little more fun driving my friends around. Who knows? Maybe I would have been a slightly different me. Maybe I would have found my artist self sooner. Maybe I would have found the joy in life sooner. Maybe I would have turned out exactly the same.

“Son, get the V6. That way you will never look back and say, ‘What if’”

There is a V6 Impala in my drive. Well, on the rare occasions that he is actually at home for a moment or two between his school, work, and adventures. I think there is a lot of fun in the car.

I think this is something that we aspire for our children. That they will learn from our mistakes. May their choices will be different and, hopefully, lead to a better and brighter future. I guess my children are at the age of choices. My youngest didn’t tell us about the Chinese trip from his school. I found out at Open House Night. I signed him right up. We will struggle with the finances. We will make it happen. I choose to not go to Europe with my high school class for the same reasons my youngest gave.

“Mom, it’s too expensive. We don’t have the money.”

What a sweetie! But again here was something that I regretted. I have yet to travel to anywhere that isn’t attached. (I have been to Canada and most of the continental US) How often to you get a chance to travel to China! This will happen. My husband and I were able to make it so. He leaves next week for a major long plane flight and the trip of a life time!

I wonder how these choices will change the paths that my sons are on. I’m sure the experiences will open opportunities and doors. The journey of life is never ending. My own journey still has many opportunities and choices yet to come. I will get my travel sometime soon. I have a plan and my goals are written in words and pictures. I have the Europe trip on my wall with my visual journal. My husband and I are thinking of taking a cruise. We will have adventures and joy. Life is amazing.
It’s all good. Carpe Diem!